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GUANGHONGDA TECHNOLOGY National Day & Mid-Autumn  Holiday Notification
  • September  28 2020  69
  • First of all , thanks for all valued customers’ support for all the time !

    According to [2020 holiday notice] issued by General office of the state council
    Our factory , Guanghongda Technology will have 5 days off . that is : Oct.1st ~ Oct.5th, during the period , we will take use of the holiday to maintain all facilities , to better support Customers in near future .

    During the special situations of Anti-epidemic , it's better avoid crowd gathering , frequent hands-washing .Best regards .

    GHD Technology 

    Where to GET or BUY high quality Snap dome (Metal dome) ?
  • August  13 2020  113
  • Where to GET or BUY high quality Snap dome (Metal dome) ?

    Custom Metal dome need take several Lead-time to finish ,First step : Sample-making preparation , Drawing design in accordance with required specification ,Second step : Sample submission and Approval Generally , Sample-making preparation need double confirm its specification such as : 1) chosen Metal dome size 2)Force 3)Shape & Material appearance treatment 4)Life-time etc . Trigger the hard tool for trial run & Mass of production after sample approval , in doing so , to avoid fix or re-start hard tool due to changed specification . that will be caused by unnecessary cost increased or postponed delivery schedule . Under the situation  it’s very important to find a rich experience in Metal dome Manufacturing with strong ability , then  “Where to GET or BUY high quality Snap dome (Metal dome) ? “ that will be a question sourcing engineer concerned . of course , it give preference to select “over 20 years rich experience in Metal dome ---Guanghongda Technology”,here below is the reason

    Metal Dome One-stop solution

    Shenzhen Guanghongda Technology Co.,Ltd ,which is a professional hardware manufacturing enterprise , working on Design , Innovation , Manufacturing , Service and Sale , have over 20years experience Engineer and management team . Directly Participate in the Customer’s Design Loop , Through our Perfect Innovation Process & Rich Industry experience , to provide one-stop solution . we’ve awarded recognition from famous customers  Huawei、TCL、Skyworth etc.  Based on our Professional Technology  Capability  ,  Good quality , Excellent service , Competitive price and Fast delivery , also is a reliable partner in the field of Metal dome

    Metal Dome

    We’re an OEM 、ODM factory to specialize in producing: Metal Dome (Array) , Membrane Switch ,FPC dome array 、Light-Guide-Film and PET washers , etc , Those are widely used in Remote Control , Bank U aegis ,POS Machine , Bluetooth , Cell-phone ,  Keyboard and the other fields . which has total 3 Floors , over 5,000 square meter, Equipped the full set of advanced facilities and testing machines , for the present the monthly Capacity is up to 20 Million Pieces

    Contact US

    Learn more knowledge of Metal Dome , mostly welcome to call us or follow our Alibaba Shop or Follow us on social media LINKIN Facebook etc

    How to choose APPROPRIATE Metal Dome (Snap dome)?
  • August  13 2020  117
  • How to choose APPROPRIATE Metal Dome (Snap dome)?

    As a sourcing or purchasing , In the light of how to choose RIGHT Metal dome , Which is almost a tough or headache thing .

    Cause it’s difficult to distinguish its Applicability and function by the appearance , Especially is those inexperienced sourcing people .

    Then how to choose APPROPRIATE Metal dome ? Here , we as over 20 years experiences in the METAL DOME manufacturing ,

    GuangHongDa Technology spread the basis knowledge about the METAL DOME Selecting

    In short , In terms of shape : Metal dome can be sorted 4 types :

    Metal Dome


    ROUND Snap dome (Metal dome) : Lower trip and good feeling even no clear sound ; Normally which is used for Metal dome array ,

    In comparison , The lifetime is much longer than any other types , Round shape is better use in the D/S layer polyester .Also to save unnecessary space

    TRIANGLE Snap dome (Metal dome) : As its design , It will have one dimple in the center and 3 dimples distribute in other 3 each side .

    So as to better fix the given position , Normally,  Which is divided into 2 types of w/feet (wing) and W/O feet (wing), W/feet is used to

    assemble on the PCB directly , While w/o Feet(wing) is used in the D/S layer polyester pressure tape to be supplied with peel off backing

    Oblong Snap dome (Metal dome) : Generally it’s used in the Single or separate keypad , Also used in the small contact area Plus closed circuit layout

    4-Legged Snap dome (Metal dome) : Generally its higher trip , Have clear sound , Also used in the field of children’s toys & electronic scale etc , Which force is higher than any other type of metal dome

    Learn more knowledge of Metal Dome , Mostly welcome to call us or follow our Alibaba Shop or Follow us on social media LINKIN Facebook etc

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