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Die cutting materials --Foam
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    What is Die cutting and how does it work ?

    Die-cutting is a process whereby a die is used to cut through materials , such as paper , EVA, PVC , 3M & related material on a die press. The process allows you to make an identical cut into material numerous times. For each job, a die, which is a shaped blade, is custom made for the item being created. This die is then lowered onto the material and makes a cut into it.


    1. 3M Tape

    2. PVC Foam

    3. PVC Strip

    4. PVC Filler Piece

    5. PVC Washer

    6. EVA Foam [ Quakeproof ,OILproof,WaterProof ]

    7. Keys with D/S adhesive

    8. Keys with S/S adhesive

    9. Transparent Products

    10.  & ETC.

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