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Device Membrane Switch
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  • Release time:2019/12/20 14:16:07
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  • Membrane Switch

    Membrane Switch Feature

    Membrane switch Structure

    What is Membrane Switch and How does it work ?
    Membrane Switch , membrane switch flex circuit designs primarily include Polymer Thick Film (PTF) “membrane switches” such as graphic overlays, touch pads and key pads. Membrane switches function as a normally open, momentary contact, low-voltage pressure-sensitive circuit.

    Membrane Switch Specification [Materials]
    Description Ordinary Material
    Appearance Treatment Specification
    Graphic Overlay PC(polycarbonate) Gloss 0.175/.25/.35/.5 mm thickness
    Matt 0.175/.25/.35/.5 mm thickness
    PET (polyester) Fine Texture 0.15/.20 mm thickness (Autotex F150/F200, imported)
    Velvet Texture 0.15/.20 mm thickness (Autotex V150/V200, imported)
    Gloss with Hard Coat 0.18 mm thickness
    Top Adhesive PET Double-sided adhesive 0.10/.22/.28 mm thickness
    Paper Double-sided Tape 0.10 mm thickness
    Transfer Tape 0.06/.12 mm thickness
    Retainer PET Gloss 0.125 mm thickness
    Spacer PET Double-sided Tape 0.225/.275 mm thickness
    Circuit Layer PET Gloss 0.1/.125 mm thickness
    Paper Double-sided Tape 0.10 mm thickness
    Rear Adhesive (3M9080A)
    Transfer Tape 0.06/.12 mm thickness (3M467/3M468)
    Connector Pin Metal,Male/Female 2.54mm
    House Female,2.54mm
    Silver Paste Acheson ELECTRODA 820B
    Carbon Paste Acheson ELECTRODA 423SS
    Insulation Ink Acheson ELECTRODA 452SS

    Membrane SWITCH ONE-STOP Solution


    Q1: Are you Trading company or manufacturer ?

    A: We are a Professional Trading & Manufacturer Integrated .

    Q2 : Can you offer OEM Service ?

    A: Surely Okay , we have Seasoned OEM service experience .

    Q3: what is the Lead time of sample ?

    A : It takes 2-7working days depends .

    Q4: How fast can i get the Quotation ?

    A: 30mins ~ 24Hours depends .

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