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Computer Backlight LGF
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    LGF dome array

    What is LGF Dome Array and How does it work ?
    LGF metal dome array , which full name is Light Guide Film , it is a new design . which used to replace LED in function , in comparsion with LED , lighting Uniformity; When we add a LGF on current normal double layer or EMI dome array, it becomes a LGF dome array. It can achieve great result of light distribution.see from the design , the light under keypad is coming from the LED on PCB motherboard. We need to put about 8-10 pieces LED on each board, but if the design changed to use LGF, then we can save several LED, as well as SMT fee.

    LGF Metal dome array Application

    What is the LGF DESIGN PRINCIPLE & What is the Advantage ?
    LGF, at least one surface out of front and rear surfaces of the light guide film is formed with a pattern such that density increases as distanced from a light source to allow light to be uniformly supplied to the keypad, or is concentratively formed with a pattern at a particular region of the light guide film to allow the light to be concentratively supplied to a particular region of the keypad.



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