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Triangle metal dome no feet
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    Working Principle : The snap dome is located at the conductive part on the PCB (most of which is above the gold finger on the PCB). When pressed, the central dimple of the dome is concave and contacts the circuit on the PCB , Thus, the circuit is formed, and the current passes through, and the whole product can work successfully . With the help of the conductivity of the metal metal, it plays a role of high-quality switch between the operator and the product. The stable click ratio & longer life-time are used to provide the operator with high-quality tactile feel

    Triangular Metal Dome

    Triangular metal domes are generally divided into four types according to their specific structures
    1. Footless, NT Series
    2. Short LEG  (0.8 * 0.8mm), ST series
    3. Middle LEG (0.8 * 1.5mm), MT series
    4. Long LEG (0.8 * 3.0 mm), LT series

    Triangle Metal Dome : Under the conditions of small designed space、requested good feels & must meet bigger pressing force , Triangle shape will be the best option , also it’s divided into w/feet or w/o feet , and it’s decide by PCB thickness & assembly method .

    Product Model Specifications Surface Treatment Parameter Force(gf)
    Diameter Trip Height Service Life
    Round 0/1/4/5 Dimple Gold,silver nickel plating 3-10mm 0.14-0.19 ±0.05 0.21-0.25 ±0.03mm >100k times 100gf-500gf
    4-Legged 0/1/4/5 Dimple Gold,silver nickel plating 4-20mm 0.23-0.28 ±0.05 1.40-1.70 ±0.03mm >100k times 100gf-600gf
    Oblong 0/1/4/5 Dimple Gold,silver nickel plating 4x2.88mm ~5x4mm 0.15-0.23 ±0.05 0.21-0.29 ±0.03mm >100k times 100gf-250gf

    Long foot /short foot /no foot

    Gold,silver nickel plating 3.15-12mm 0.15-0.19 ±0.05 0.21-0.25 ±0.03mm >100k times 200gf-600gf
    Irregular Special shape Gold,silver nickel plating According to the customer's needs, it can be customized
    Note: all kinds of metal shrapnel can be customized according to the design specifications

    Metal Dome is mainly used for various key products、such as mobile phones、headphones、MP3 / MP4、all kinds of keyboard、remote control、bank Product keys、medical equipment、industrial instruments and other fields, where there are keys to use products, can use metal dome

    F A Q

    Q1: Are you Trading company or manufacturer ?

    A: We are a Professional Trading & Manufacturer Integrated .

    Q2 : Can you offer OEM Service ?

    A: Surely Okay , we have Seasoned OEM service experience .

    Q3: what is the Lead time of sample ?

    A : It takes 2-7working days depends .

    Q4: How fast can i get the Quotation ?

    A: 30mins ~ 24Hours depends .

    Please do not hesitate to contact with us , if you have any inquires .

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