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  • Computer LOGO Backlight LGF
  • LOGO LGF, Small volume , Luminance Uniform , Applicate to various lighting logo products
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  • Coded Lock LGF
  • Targeted design of light guide dot, high uniformity, good transmittance, no leakage, no degradation, long service life
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  • Remote Control LGF
  • Applied to the RC keypads , which can enrich color of keypads and make it convenient to use at night
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  • Keyboard Backlight Module
  • The main structure of keyboard backlight  module is divided into Shading layer,  light guide layer, reflection layer
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  • Light Guide Plate
  • LGP is a high-tech product which transform from Dot light source into the surface light source.
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  • Curved arc LGF
  • Curved arc light guide film can be customized according to the shape of the product
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  • FPC Metal Dome
  • FPC dome array has the advantage of : high temperature resistance, smaller light and thin texture, good bending and so on
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  • Membrane Switch Panel
  • Good feature : good feeling , waterproof, High-temperature Resistance , strong viscosity & longer life-time
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  • Bank Device Metal dome array
  • GHD Bank device metal dome array have good insulation and unique screen printing technology
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  • Panel Array
  • In comparison,Panel Metal dome array assembly takes a lot more efficiently than Single PCS assembly
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  • Metal Dome Array
  • Normally Metal dome sheet can be divided into transparent, white, yellow, EMI, we can customize as per requirement
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  • Metal Dome
  • Generally , which can be sorted by Shape of Oblong , Triangle , Legged & Round and others . customized as per specification & design
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