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Spring Festival Holiday Notification

Spring Festival Holiday Notification

  • 2020 Spring Festival Holiday Notification of Guanghongda Technology To take the opportunity , to be behalf of all staffs of Guanghongda Technology , to wish you all of a happy & Prosperious New year in 2020 .  The Traditiona…
  • Guanghongda Birthday Party , Will you come to attend ?

    Guanghongda Birthday Party , Will you come to attend ?

  • There is a day in a month, No matter how busy you are, The managers of shenzhen guangda technology would put down their work, And stay with the birthday stars, Laughter together. Here, There is no division between management and e…
  • GHD Outstanding Employee

    GHD Outstanding Employee

  • To be a successful team, need to have the following characteristics: A good fighting team, An enterprising heart! Today, all the employees of guangda technology gather together to witness the high-level award to excellen…
  • GHD Guilin Travelling

    GHD Guilin Travelling

  • From July 6 to 8, 2019,  we have a excellent trip to yangshuo, Guangxi . That is a wonderful date for the guangda family. We relaxed on the journey, and chatted with each other. Some interesting games also improve the cohesion of the team. Looking f…
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