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How to choose APPROPRIATE Metal Dome (Snap dome)?


 2020/7/24 16:24:40     142

How to choose APPROPRIATE Metal Dome (Snap dome)?

How to choose APPROPRIATE Metal Dome (Snap dome)?

As a sourcing or purchasing , In the light of how to choose RIGHT Metal dome , Which is almost a tough or headache thing .

Cause it’s difficult to distinguish its Applicability and function by the appearance , Especially is those inexperienced sourcing people .

Then how to choose APPROPRIATE Metal dome ? Here , we as over 20 years experiences in the METAL DOME manufacturing ,

GuangHongDa Technology spread the basis knowledge about the METAL DOME Selecting

In short , In terms of shape : Metal dome can be sorted 4 types :

Metal Dome


ROUND Snap dome (Metal dome) : Lower trip and good feeling even no clear sound ; Normally which is used for Metal dome array ,

In comparison , The lifetime is much longer than any other types , Round shape is better use in the D/S layer polyester .Also to save unnecessary space

TRIANGLE Snap dome (Metal dome) : As its design , It will have one dimple in the center and 3 dimples distribute in other 3 each side .

So as to better fix the given position , Normally,  Which is divided into 2 types of w/feet (wing) and W/O feet (wing), W/feet is used to

assemble on the PCB directly , While w/o Feet(wing) is used in the D/S layer polyester pressure tape to be supplied with peel off backing

Oblong Snap dome (Metal dome) : Generally it’s used in the Single or separate keypad , Also used in the small contact area Plus closed circuit layout

4-Legged Snap dome (Metal dome) : Generally its higher trip , Have clear sound , Also used in the field of children’s toys & electronic scale etc , Which force is higher than any other type of metal dome

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