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Metal dome button press pressure classification and application


 2019/11/7 11:32:36     84

Metal dome button press pressure classification and application

First, according to the pressure at about 50-80g, generally applies to computer keyboards, calculators keys silicone keys, this range are not high pressure, it is relatively low, it is easy to press, ideal for frequent use of silicone button click.

Second, according to the pressure in about 80-120g, generally used in electrical button, the remote control button which, according to the pressure suitable, comfortable, resilience is better.

Third, the pressing force at 120-180g, generally applies to the impact on equipment, industrial equipment, machinery remote control, according to the second but also a lot of pressure is relatively large, generally applies to large silicone keys, resilience is also superior, but not suitable clicks very frequent product.

Fourth, the pressing force 180g or more, generally such a pressing force of silicone keys are relatively rare, for special industries, such as medical, aerospace and other industries, as relatively short-term frequent use finger count.

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